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Fresh Olive Oil From Amelia, Italy to Vancouver, BC

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We discovered quality olive oils on a holiday in Tuscany in 2005. We were hooked! How wonderful it was to discover Amelia Oil only a few months after we returned home to West Vancouver! The fresh fruity, grassy flavours took us right back to Italy! We’ve been enjoying Amelia Oil ever since .
—Penny and John Elwick

As an amateur chef who came from the USA to Paris to study cooking at both the Ritz-Escoffier and the Cordon Bleu I confess to having more than a passing interest in the culinary arts. And just as some are given to spending their “free” time reading poetry and prose, my time is spent reading recipes. That having been said, my passion is pursuing new products and to differentiate the good, bad, and the ugly. As for Amelia Oil, as Sly sang at Woodstock, this “took me a little bit higher”. NOW, I look no further. Your product is the best of the best. My most recent buy from you were a dozen small cans and because I travel for pleasure monthly, would NEVER consider leaving home without some. I mean it. Amelia Oil is just that good .
—Eric L. Meltzer, Mercer Island, WA, USA | Palm Desert, CA, USA | Vancouver, BC, Canada | Paris, France

Cooking in my family has always included olive oil. Having Italian ancestry, this is a must. I discovered Amelia Oil when Rebecca and Rachel first introduced it to the public in Vancouver in 2006. Ever since then I’ve anxiously looked forward to February every year to secure my order of the most recent harvest. Each batch is distinct and I have never been disappointed. I continue to recommend Amelia Oil to everyone I know who appreciates quality ingredients. And Rebecca is so wonderful to deal with!
— Rachelle Chinnery