Amelia, Italy

Amelia – A Town in Umbria

Amelia often gets confused with being one of us. It’s actually the name of an ancient hill town in the heart of  Umbria. It may seem a little off the beaten path to the average tourist but actually it’s only about an hour and a half from Rome and a half hour from Orvieto.

The fact that there are so few tourists speaks to one of the many charms of this town. It is a walled hill town dating back to pre-Roman times. Francesco’s frantoio and olive groves lie just beyond the walls of the town. The top of the town is an excellent vantage spot to take in the lush rolling terrain, which is dotted with olive trees.

A trip to Amelia is a reminder that there was a time when the pace of daily life was once much slower, and that there are still places where everyone in a town knows each other. After visiting Amelia you will understand why Italy was the birthplace of Slow Food, and perhaps even “slow life.”