Arrival Of the New 2012 Amelia Oil


Some things are worth waiting for we are told. Our new oil is anxiously expected to arrive this week in Vancouver. It seemed to take a bit longer getting here this year which was no reflection on our team in Amelia, Umbria. Francesco had it ready to go early in the new year but we are at the mercy of the shipping Gods it would seem.

Francesco proudly states “it’s our best oil in years.” We can’t wait to try it.

I look forward to the arrival of the oil this year with some ambivalence. This is not to do with concerns about it’s quality but rather physically lifting it. Yes, last week I managed to break my wrist while hiking with my dogs on the icy trails of our North Shore Mountains. In hindsight I knew I should have packed the crampons I bought this year to specifically deal with these conditions. Note to self – be prepared for any weather conditions. It is particularly annoying in light of the fact I’m only weeks away from running the Boston Marathon. The good news is it wasn’t my leg and I can still run with my lightweight and waterproof cast – my racing cast!

I’ve been working with our new Web Master to improve our website. Alison has been fantastic at sorting through technical issues and helping me to move forward. ……………….stay tuned for a new look at Amelia Oil.

You will notice we have the 2011 oil on sale. It is 20% off the regular price. It has been kept in cold storage and is still excellent. If you go through  large volumes of olive oil you might consider it. Remember every year the olive oil is a little different in character. This is because the weather and the amount of rain influences the flavour. Our oil is a blend of four different varietals so some years will see certain ones being more predominant.

On our purchase page of our website you will see there is no longer a 5 litre available in the 2012 oil. Many of you found the 5 litre a bit bulky so we thought we’d simplify things and go with the 3 litre. In some ways it’s better to not open the larger size and expose it to oxygen longer than necessary if you don’t use it very quickly. Oxygen is not a good thing for keeping olive oil tasting fresh.

One last note about shipping and picking up locally. There are provisions for both methods on the website. I love to meet my customers when they come to pick up their oil. I’m happy to give a tasting if you call ahead and let me know. I have met some great people through this little business. I guess people who are passionate about food are my kind of people. If you pick up your oil at my place in the next few weeks be prepared to literally pick it up as I won’t be doing any heavy lifting for awhile 🙁