Buon Anno



Buon anno! We’d like to wish all our customers the very best for a happy and inspired new year. We appreciate your business very much and the support you have given us. Through olive oil, we have met so many interesting people who share our passion for food and Italy. Many of you we now count as friends. It’s been so much fun.

When I refer to, “we” I am speaking of myself, and my daughter Rachel. Together, we started this business in 2006 to bring fresh olive oil with character and flavor to Vancouver and beyond.

I have some news on that front: Rachel married Doug Cook on December 29 in Elk, California. Yes, Elk! They will live in San Francisco, a great foodie city. Doug, a wine enthusiast, is known for his Able Grape web site, a search engine for wine lovers. They hope to expand Amelia Oil into the Bay area. Stay tuned for more news from Amelia Oil’s San Francisco branch.

More good news: the new 2010 olive oil from Amelia is on the boat and scheduled to arrive at the end of January. We had hoped it might arrive sooner but snow en route to the docks slowed the process. It’s hard to imagine snow in Italy but this has been a very cold winter in Europe.

This year we have added a 3-litre tin format as well as a little 250 ml mini tin. As usual we bring in extra oil, so if you didn’t get around to placing an order there should still be oil available. We’ll update you by e-mail when it arrives.

We encourage our customers to think ahead to how much olive oil they need for the year and to pick it up when it arrives in January. The idea is to use the oil within the calendar year. That is the Italian way. However, most of us aren’t very Italian and we figure it out as we go along and buy our olive oil as we need it.

A number of our customers have run out of our oil and substituted various grocery store olive oils for the Amelia Oil. I am pleased to say they told us they noticed big difference and commented that it just didn’t do the trick. There is no substitute for top-quality fresh olive oil.

We look forward to sharing with you some of the best olive oil in Italy. We have to also thank Francesco Suatoni, our friend, farmer and miller, and his family for continuing to produce delicious EVOO.

Best wishes for 2010. Auguri!