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Our olive oil in now available at Sebastian & Co. Fine Organic Meats


It’s nearly barbecue season and extra virgin olive oil from Amelia Oil is the perfect way to finish grilled meat and veggies. It may seem that there is nothing more simple and tastier than grilling; however, having top quality ingredients is the key to success. We suggest Sebastian & Co. Fine Organic Meats on Marine Drive in West Vancouver, where you will find a great selection of organic beef, chicken and pork. There are lots of wonderful goodies at Sebastian’s and we are pleased to announce that they are now carrying Amelia Oil. We don’t sell at any other retailer for the moment, but we feel that Sebastian and Jessica Cortez at Sebastian & Co. share our philosophy of quality food that is both sustainable and tasty.

2009 Amelia Oil has arrived

The 2009 Amelia Oil has arrived and it’s delicious. If you ordered oil, please give us a call to arrange pick up. If you requested shipping, your order should be arriving soon. If you still haven’t ordered you better hurry because the 2009 Amelia Oil is selling fast.

Visit our web site for more details and to place your order for olio nuovo.

Who can afford over-priced olive oil in these economic times?


I’ve always had a hard time with extremely expensive olive oil because I think this is a product that should be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. It is an excellent dietary choice and it makes most food taste wonderful. It should not be so expensive that you just want to save it for special occasions.

Along with Francesco, we have worked hard to offer you high-quality, reasonably priced extra virgin olive oil. We will not be raising our prices this year and we hope that you will enjoy delicious Amelia Oil everyday on salads, soups, bread as well as on grilled meats and vegetables.

Our shipment of 2009 olive oil will be arriving within the next week and we are taking orders now:

500ml – $18.99

1 litre -$26.99

5 litre-$124.99

All prices are in Canadian dollars but we also ship to the United States. Visit our web site for more information.

Our ship is on its way

The wonderful 2009 Amelia Oil is heading towards North America. We are expecting to receive our shipment in within the next two weeks. We only have limited quantities of olive oil so be sure to order early. Francesco has told me that this is an exceptional year for quality.

Minestra and Amelia Oil

‘Tis the season to cook and eat soup. Last night I made a hearty winter minestra (Italian for vegetable soup) with kale, carrots, white beans and fennel. Just before serving, I topped each bowl with a drizzle of Amelia Oil. Extra virgin olive oil really shines when used for finishing soups; the heat opens up the rich complexity of the oil.

Give it a try and see how a touch of our olive oil can add another layer of flavour to soups, pasta and grilled vegetables.

Stock up: we’re having a sale!

We talked to Francesco this week and he has sent off the 2009 Amelia Oil. He can’t wait for us to taste this incredible oil, which he described as “truly exceptional.”

We expect our shipment to arrive in late February and we need to make room. We’ve decided to put our 5-litre tins of 2008 Amelia Oil on sale at 25% off (was $124.99 now $93.75).There is a limited supply so order now on line to take advantage of this great deal.

Live Olive Oil Tasting

Amelia Oil will be participating in a live olive oil tasting on line, which is being organised by Olive Oil Tasters. If you would like to participate please sign up on the Olive Oil Tasters site. This tasting will focus on Italian extra virgin olive oil from last year’s harvest and will include Amelia Oil from Umbria and Farmstead Wine‘s EVOO from Liguria. These are two very different oils and this is an excellent chance to experience the diversity of Italian olive oil.

We are offering a 20% discount to the first 20 participating tasters. Please send us an e-mail to request your olive oil so that you can take part in this event that will take place on Jan. 18th.