Il Frantoio : The Olive Mill

The frantoio di Suatoni is a wonderful example of the best of modern technology when it meets with the Old World sensibility. The Suatoni’s use a modern centrifuge system that extracts the oil without heating it – cold pressed. The whole operation is efficient and immaculately clean which is critical for producing excellent oil.

This has earned the Suatonis a good reputation with the locals who come to the mill to have their olives pressed. Not many farmers have their own mills because of the cost and they rely on mills such as these to get their olives pressed.

During harvest time the frantoio is a social gathering spot for the locals. As the farmers wait for their olives to be pressed they compare notes on the growing season and sample olio nuovo on grilled bread. The business of pressing oil during the harvest season often goes on into the night and the frantoio is equipped with a kitchen and dining room with it’s own hearth for grilling. Workers and clients are always well fed. It’s the Italian way!

The frantoio welcomes visitors year round and a tour is available if you call ahead.