Guest tasting notes


Bradley Cooper, wine maker at Township 7, has posted some wonderful tasting notes for our 2007 Amelia Oil on his blog. I thought I would also share them with you here:

“It all comes down to taste. It certainly is fresh. I didn’t know how stale my store bought oils were until I got my Amelia Oil a couple weeks ago. I was floored by the strength of the palate. I’m now using a little less oil in my preparations but with great flavour results.

The bouquet is very floral with a hint of candy and nut, the palate is full of vegetal green and grassy flavours, toasted grains and nut in the finish. I’ve used it in various incarnations but my favourites are:

1.BBQ grilled Tilapia drizzled with Amelia oil and sprinkled with basil from my garden.
2.In a pesto for a crust on ahi tuna
3.With some rustic, grain-festooned bread and Poplar Grove cheeses.”

Thanks, Bradley, for lending us your fine palate and nose.