Our Farmers

Rachel met Francesco Suatoni when she was living in Amelia.

She was keenly interested in olive oil production and Francesco was happy to be her teacher. He ran the local olive mill and introduced her to life on the olive farm.

The Suatoni family have been growing and producing olive oil in Amelia for over four generations. Each family member is involved in some aspect of the production of the olive oil from pruning the trees to bottling the oil.

Today Francesco Suatoni heads the daily business operations but his father Vincenzo and his mother Anna are still very much involved. New to the team is Francesco’s fiancé, Giuditta who is also from another olive growing family. The family’s commitment to producing excellent oil is evident in the pride they take in their farm. The trees are expertly pruned and the fields are lush and green, the sign of a healthy herbicide-free farm. Their mill or frantoio is an immaculate operation.

In the Suatoni household, a family meal often consists of everything produced completely on their own farm, including the wine. It’s impressive and we’ve been lucky enough to share the experience as their guests.