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Tried, tested and true


A colleague of mine at UniSG has a friend who works at the Stazione Sperimentale Oli e Grassi (Experimental Lab for Oils and Fats) in Milan. We decided to send a sample of 2008 Amelia Oil off to Milan to see the exact chemical makeup of this year’s oil. The results came back and our oil has passed the test with flying colours.

For an olive oil to be considered extra virgin, it must have less than 0.8% acidity. We are proud to announce that Amelia Oil only has 0.2% (well below the average) this year. Our oil was also tasted by two expert olive oil sommeliers who declared it to have notes of fresh fruit and almonds with no defects (such as rancidity, mold, metallic taste, etc).

With science standing behind us, we can soundly say that Amelia Oil is truly extra virgin olive oil of very high quality.

If you would like to see the actual test results, click here