The 2016 Olive Oil arrives – We’re in love again



Good news olive oil lovers!

If you thought your year was going well so far – it just got better!

We’re so very happy to report that the 2016 oil is back on track. This is the oil that reminds us of why we fell in love with Amelia Oil in the first place.

I guess to be truthful we have 2015 to thank for this gem. After all, the olives were grown in 2015. It seems the weather was pretty kind to them this time round.

Just to remind everyone, the reason it’s called the 2016 oil when it’s grown in 2015 is because it wasn’t harvested and pressed till the very end of the year and wasn’t ready for consumption until 2016, hence we call it the 2016 oil.

An important feature of our oil is that each bottle or tin has the harvest date and year marked clearly on the package. This is probably one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing olive oil. The freshly pressed oil is at its best. It’s flavor will slowly diminish over time even when stored in perfect conditions. So the idea is to “use or loose it”  (the flavour )

The other important factors are: where it came from; and how it was produced. It’s so sad but unfortunately true that you can’t be too careful in knowing where your food comes from these days. Olive oil  from Italy is high on the list of fraudulent imported foods. Italy is working on cracking down on this practice but it would seem your best bet is to deal with a smaller producer.

Amelia Oil comes from a small family farm proudly run by the Suatoni family for generations. They oversee the growing and the milling of the olives and take pride in knowing they adhere to sustainable agricultural practices. Their olives are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides in the production.

We hope you enjoy the 2016 olive oil as much as we do.

Buon appetito!!