The basics of olive oil storage

Now you have your olive oil home, you may be wondering about the best way to store. There are a few environmental factors you should take into consideration: mainly light and temperature. Amelia Oil is bottled and packaged in dark glass bottles and tins to protect it from the harmful effects of light, which speeds up the aging process. Excessive heat also has a similar effect. The best temperature for storing olive oil is 56F but room temperature is acceptable.

A number of people have asked me about storing oil in the refrigerator. This will prolong the life of your oil but don’t be surprised if it solidifies when it reaches 36F. This happens when the waxes in the oil crystallise. Once the oil is brought back up to temperature it will return to its liquid state.

I would recommend enjoying your olive oil while it is fresh and full of wonderful flavour and anti-oxidants. Ideally your 2007 Amelia olive oil should be consumed within a calendar year but it will certainly keep for up to two years, although it will lose some of its flavour and colour as it ages. Store your tins or bottles in a cool dark cupboard and decant small quantities into a stainless steel container or glass bottle for everyday use. For more technical details on olive oil storage and the aging process of oil take a look at the Olive Oil Source’s useful page.

We have also imported a few beautiful fusti, which are perfect for storing larger quantities of oil: they make decanting clean and easy. If you are interested in 5L and 15L food-grade stainless steel fusto, please send us an e-mail. These also look wonderful perched on the kitchen counter and are very practical for the pantry.