The Taste of Olives


Recently I was discussing olive oil with someone and they brought to my attention the fact that most North American consumers have no idea what olive oil should really taste like. This is something I had noticed at the farmers’ markets when people would taste our oil. Most people really like it but tell us that it taste so different from the olive oil they regularly use. There were also those who made a terrible face and exclaimed, “It tastes strange! Like olives!” This really blew me away: what is it supposed to taste like, if not olives?

Amelia Oil tastes different for two reasons. Firstly, it is fresh. Most of the oil you buy in stores has been sitting around on the shelf for ages. We only sell fresh oil that has been shipped and stored in optimal conditions (cool and out of direct sunlight). Second, Amelia Oil 100% extra virgin olive oil grown and processed with the greatest care and pride. A lot of the oil on the market sold as extra virgin olive oil has little to do with olives.

At first it seemed absurd that people should remark on the olive taste of our oil but now I can understand why, although I have tasted Greek and Moroccan oils with much more predominant olive flavours. Amelia Oil has a touch of olive but there is also a fresh grassy taste followed by a hint of pepper. Every year it is a little different and I think it is important to remind people that olive oil is an agricultural product that is affected by the weather.