We just received the newest vintage of our Amelia Oil  – 2018. Once again the Suatoni family has hit it out of the park. We are always so pleased with the oil we receive year after year, although this year wasn’t exactly easy according to Francesco. He tells us the quality is great but his volume was down.

It’s not easy being a farmer, especially one that doesn’t rely on chemicals and pesticides to grow his crops. Global warming often plays havoc with weather these days.

Being on the receiving end of this great product, we can only chalk up the consistent results to the Suatoni family’s commitment to maintaining high standards of  agricultural practice. Thank you Francesco, Giuditta, Vincenzo and Anna for your hard work and dedication.

I hope that aside from enjoying the incredibly delicious Amelia olive oil  we can also feel good about supporting a small family farm that adheres to sustainable farming practices.

I may be speaking to the converted because many of you have been loyal customers of Amelia Oil since we began importing in 2006. Wow, that’s a dozen years ago!

THANK YOU for your continuing support.