Waiting for our ship to come in

It is the end of October and our shipment of 2006 olive oil should be arriving soon. We wanted to get some more oil before the end of the year so people could try it, see how good it is and order lots of 2007 oil. We are expecting this shipment next week, so send us an e-mail if you would like to buy some oil (ameliaoil@telus.com).

I talked to Francesco, our olive miller and supplier, and he told me 2007 is going to be a great year for olive oil. The harvest starts next month and the trees are loaded with beautiful olives. I can’t wait to taste it. For those of you who have tasted our 2006 oil and thought it was good, you are in for a treat.

Olive oil is a bit like wine in that every year is unique. However, it is different in that it does not get better with age.

We are still taking orders for new oil, which will arrive in February 2007. We are only bringing the amount of oil that is pre-order, so don’t miss out on this special opportunity. Visit our web site and on-line store at: www.ameliaoil.com

One thought on “Waiting for our ship to come in

  1. lady miss marquise

    And I am eagerly awaiting your ship to come in.

    Ruined, I am. Ruined. And desperately in need of oil. I can’t wait!

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