What makes an oil extra virgin?

Who came up with this silly classification in the first place? No, it does not have to do with the olives’ moral integrity, but it does take into consideration other virtues. What sets extra virgins apart from other types olive oil is mainly their low acidity (0.8% oleic acid or less). Amelia Oil was closer to 0.4% last year. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives and it is not chemically altered in any way. Low acidity is what makes extra virgin olive oil so palatable and it should never taste greasy or bitter. Acidity this low can only be obtained from the first pressing of the olives. Other grades of olive oil can be chemically altered using solvents and may be obtained from the second pressing of the pits and pulp.

For more on the different classifications of olive oil grades, take a look at the Olive Oil Source site.

Next, I will try to dispel some of the myths about cold pressing and filtering.

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