Who can afford over-priced olive oil in these economic times?


I’ve always had a hard time with extremely expensive olive oil because I think this is a product that should be used and enjoyed on a daily basis. It is an excellent dietary choice and it makes most food taste wonderful. It should not be so expensive that you just want to save it for special occasions.

Along with Francesco, we have worked hard to offer you high-quality, reasonably priced extra virgin olive oil. We will not be raising our prices this year and we hope that you will enjoy delicious Amelia Oil everyday on salads, soups, bread as well as on grilled meats and vegetables.

Our shipment of 2009 olive oil will be arriving within the next week and we are taking orders now:

500ml – $18.99

1 litre -$26.99

5 litre-$124.99

All prices are in Canadian dollars but we also ship to the United States. Visit our web site for more information.